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As published in The Wall Street Journal

"The opening of the court will represent the latest stage in the space's long and peculiar history. Originally an art gallery, and then a CBS recording studio, it was taken over in 1966 by a Hungarian immigrant who installed a 65-foot ski slope made of astroturf and two tennis courts." Read the full article here


As published in Crains New York:

"The newly formed Vanderbilt Tennis Club, located inside the historic station, is now accepting deposits to play on its indoor court and practice facilities, which are currently under construction. It is projected to open publicly this time next year, although court time could become available as early as next summer, if the pace of construction permits." Read the full story here

  Anthony Scolnick, left, and architect Carlos Cardoso

As published in AM New York:

"As an added bonus, huge, historic windows will be stripped of brick and vinyl, allowing light to seep into the third floor for the first time in 70 years. At night, the 42nd Street side of the terminal will literally glow from within. It’s going to be quite dramatic" Read the full story here

Read the article in Racquet Sports Industry here
Read the article in The New York Times Architect George Monasterio