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Practice Courts
Practice Court - A Proven System for Improvement

How are you going to correct the deficiencies in your game?
From a practice partner? Possibly, although there aren't many people who have the time or the patience to spend hours working with you on court. We have the ultimate solution for all levels: A Practice Court - a handy and efficient way to hone your strokes.
But bear on mind that developing proper stroke production requires professional guidance, without it you could develop incorrect strokes or bad habits which will be tough to break later.  Our Practice Courts are designed to allow our trained pros to be right next to you, guiding, demonstrating and making sure your form is correct. Combined with Slow Motion Video Analysis this is the best way to improve your game!

A Practice Court can be of immense value to players who are developing their strokes or trying to correct flaws in them.
Statistics show that usually a person who is learning tennis will get out on the court too soon and will be so frustrated with the lack of immediate results that he/she quits after a few lessons.
As Dr. Anthony Scolnick, our director of tennis, explains: "We are teaching people through progression - how to crawl, walk, and eventually to run".

Constant Feed - Get into the Groove!

Our Practice Courts are equipped with automated ball machines and a ball retrieval system, making it possible to hit 300 strokes in half an hour!  No need to stop and pick up the balls. A control board located behind the base line will enable the player to control the speed, spin, direction, elevation and feed rate of the ball.

With a constant feed, advanced players can create a controlled environment for experimentation, thus improving a specific shot or honing their overall game.

Practice Court - What is it?

Our practice court is as long as half a court and as wide as a singles court. Each section is as wide as half a singles court. Behind the net, an automated ball machine will feed balls programed to your level. A retrieval system will take care of picking the balls up, so you can concentrate on hitting more strokes. A colorful target scheme hangs behind the net and allows for practicing controlled hitting.